Pinch valves, where a rubber sleeve is protected under a cast iron, aluminum, or other metal split body design. The service material/fluid passing through does not come in contact with either body covering or any other metal parts of the pinch valve except the rubber sleeve/muff and hence the body and other metal parts are almost permanently not subjected to the corrosive action of the fluid. The flow-through the pinch valve is straight and full as that of a pipeline when the valve is fully open. Further, the collar of the rubber sleeve eliminates the use of any gasket. JEC manual pinch valve having simple rising spindle type operation makes the valve just simple as other wheel operated valve. JEC pinch valve has calibration with travel limit nut system and in-between stoppage will allow the desired throttling. JEC Pinch valve thus offers positive control overflowing media ensuring zero leakage shut-off.

JEC Woodland dedicated to customer satisfaction through proven designs, innovation, and pinch valve performance to meet the most rigorous service conditions. Pinch valves manufactured with advanced technology and the highest standards in design and materials of construction to provide the longest sleeve life. Pinch valves by international standard ANSI B16.1 making them interchangeable with most ball valves, plug valves, gate valves, and diaphragm valves, etc.

Pinch valve rubber sleeves/muffs/tubes are available in a wide range of elastomer qualities including high-pressure, wear-resistant sleeves that outperform more expensive 316, stellite, or alloy ball, plug, globe, diaphragm valves in abrasive, scaling or corrosive services. Our expertise rubber sleeves with special reinforcement & two lugs on both sides attached to the pinching bars withstand even the most chemically aggressive, corrosive, and vacuum service conditions.

  • Seat - less & glandless valves
  • Field replaceable elastomer sleeve/muff
  • Rubber sleeve/muff has four reinforced lugs
  • Flanged ends & drilled to DN ANSI BS - 10 IS etc.
  • This valve incorporates all design modifications based on our experience & is of sturdy construction & good quality finishing to handle abrasive and corrosive.


JEC has a wide range of elastomer sleeves made from Natural rubber, Neoprene rubber, EPDM rubber, Butyl rubber, SBR rubber, Nitrile rubber, Viton rubber, etc. Food grade rubber sleeves are also available.


JEC pinch valves can be supplied as chain operated, Gear operated, Electrically operated, Pneumatic operated, etc.


JEC pinch valves are available from 15 mm to 300 mm and flanges of our pinch valve can be supplied in accordance with ASA, BS, DIN & IS dimensions. Apart from our closed body design, open body pinch valves are also available.


General Industries & Applications Suited For Pinch Valves

Mining, Industrial Minerals, Metal, and mineral concentrates, Tailings, Chemical additions, Wastewaters, Coal slurry, Titanium dioxide, Clays, Carbonates, Iron ore slurry, Iron oxide, Talc, Potash, Carbon, Ceramics, Magnesium, Silica, Catalysts, Cement slurry, fiberglass

Pulp & Paper, Steel Mills Where Pinch Valves Are Best Suited

Pulp slurry, Green, black and white liquors, Rejected slurries, dregs, Pigment slurry, Junk traps, Quench waters, Pickling solutions, Chemical additions, Process waters, Foundry sand slurry, Lime slurry

Chemical Plants & Power Generation Units Where Pinch Valve Are Recommended

Most corrosive and abrasive liquids, such as acids, chlorinated waters, salts, brine, ammonium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, and more. Also Fly ash slurry, Scrubber slurry, Lime slurry, River cooling water

Food & Beverage Industries For Pinch Valves With Food Grade Sleeves

Sugar-beet slurries, Sugar cane processes, Fruit and vegetable processing, Juices, syrups, mash, Waste handling. Beyond these applications pinch valves have also been used, today’s innovative engineers have an additional tool to solve problems where ball valve, plug valve, gate valve, globe valve, and diaphragm valves routinely experience operations and maintenance problems in abrasive, scaling, corrosive, plugging liquid, slurry with solid content or bulk handling services



P inch valve finds its best application in handling corrosive slurry, abrasive media, liquid with solid suspensions, and many others, which are difficult to handle with seat valve. Pinch valves are also best suited for Vacuum service


T he flanges of the pinch valve can be supplied in accordance with BS, DIN, ASA & IS dimensions. The range for the valve is from 15 mm TO 300 mm. Higher size range can also be developed on request.


T he valve can be supplied with Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic actuation other than manually operated handwheel.



On receipt of the valve please check the position of the valve, as it is advisable to keep the valve is a fully opened condition. Also check the position of the travel limit nut, if found loose then tighten the set screw of the nut.


The valve can be installed without any gasket unless it is required for some specific purpose. Tighten the nut of the flanges evenly & equally, but avoid too much tightening. After installation checks the free movement of the upper & lower pinching bar by opening & closing the valve. The valve is then ready for the service it is installed for.


It is advisable to keep a spare rubber sleeve/muff for maintenance purpose, considering the self-life of the Rubber as six months when packed & stored in dark. The Pinch valves should be stored in a fully open condition only. We also offer complete spares of the valves; hence the valves shall never be scrapped. We sincerely request you to place your order 1 - 2 weeks in advance.


For manual operated Pinch valve: If the valve is found leaking through the seat after some time even though in the fully closed condition, then set the travel limit nut by just taking it 1 or 2 threads above & then tighten. For Pneumatic operated Pinch Valve: If the valve is found leaking through the seat after some time even though in the fully closed condition, then set the pneumatic cylinder stroke length by adjusting connector between the piston rod and spindle clamp