About Us

An ISO 9001 certified, Jay Ambe Engineering Co. has been manufacturing a wide range of centrifugal chemical process pumps for more than 20 years.

Globalization has resulted in increased competition in all industries. JEC Pumps established in 1996 are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and follows a most advanced pump manufacturing process to manufacture a broad range of pumps catering to many industries around the world.

Having an idea of doing something different in the best way, young & dynamic technocrat Rajesh Patel, who has practical experience in the field of fluid handling and knack in metallurgy, design applications, and understanding to offer a most suitable, reliable and reasonable quality product within the shortest time frame. At the heart of JEC Pump’s success is the repeat business we experience because of our customer’s satisfaction and proves to be a leading name in the Indian Chemical pump and Pinch valve manufacturing Industry.

Apparently, the company made an extraordinary growth under the wonderful guidance & leadership of Rajesh Patel and his brother Jaldhij Patel by extending the product range to Industrial Pinch Valves along with Centrifugal Chemical pumps. Our Woodland Pinch valves have been serving the industry for 30 years. Today, Jay Ambe Engineering Co. is proud to continue manufacturing of finest Chemical Pumps, Axial Flow Pumps, Pinch Valve, Knife Gate Valves, and other conventional valves.

Upholding excellence in the pump industry, JEC Pumps believes in accepting challenges to offer customer-centric solutions in the fluid transfer or handling tasks. We specialize to provide pumping solutions to handle any fluid transfer, be it clear, corrosive liquids, or slurry.

JEC PUMPS strongly believes in continual improvement & system to cater to the emerging requirements of buyers. Backed by qualified & experienced engineers, our R & D team closely works under the guidance of Shri S. L. Abhyankar (Technical advisor of Indian Pump Manufacturing Association), a well-renowned name in the Pump industry.

Highly vigilant & resourceful management team supported by sincerely dedicated employees have made JAY AMBE ENGINEERING CO. achieve a mark in India and overseas nations.


An ISO 9001 certified, Jay Ambe Engineering Co. Implements the mandate to provide the clients with Quality, Innovation & Services.

JEC Pumps has emerged as a renowned name in the Chemical Pump manufacturing & supplying Industry. Our sales team assists customers with competent and personalized advice to provide optimum solutions for their Pumping & fluid control tasks.

JEC Pumps are designed for every possible application of the customer. The service media may have a wide range of different chemical properties. Our Pumps are manufactured as per different functional principles to make sure that service fluid and pumps are fully compatible.

  • Our 35000+ Sq ft manufacturing facility includes best-branded machinery & qualified engineers to ensure precession machining and manufacturing of Industrial Pumps & Valves.
  • JEC Pumps manufacturers superb quality & continuous performing centrifugal pumps serving a wide range of Industries

Our R & D team at JEC Pumps works under the guidance of Shri S. L. Abhyankar – Technical advisor to the Indian Pump manufacturing Association.
Quality Control at JEC Pumps ensures close quality checks at each stage and final testing as per relevant standard is done before products are moved towards dispatch.
Our ability to solve operation and maintenance problems in scaling, plugging liquids, abrasive, and corrosive slurry with solid content or bulk chemical handling services.
JEC Valves Include proven designed for rigorous service Manual and Pneumatic Pinch valve, Knife gate valves, and other industrial valves.